RRS Medical provides a simple and efficient patient form completion experience. Highly trained staff process FMLA, temporary disability, state disability, short-term and long-term disability forms. Whether via receipt through the EMR system, a dedicated fax, or email, RRS Medical will complete the form using industry standard responses. Requesters receive completed forms electronically through eRecordSTAT, RRS Medical’s highly-secure electronic delivery system, in as little as one to three business days. We offer multiple, convenient payment options.

Teaming with RRS Medical for Patient Form Completion Services ensures a reduced turnaround time. Completed forms are uploaded and documented in your EMR system within three days of receipt. RRS Medical provides detailed payment and tracking information in eRecordSTAT .


RRS Medical handles all patient communication, and follow-up calls from insurance companies, throughout the entire process. RRS Medical provides relief to your providers and staff by assuming these duties, which allows you to focus on patient care.

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