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Step 1: Click the link below to download the instruction form and get detailed instructions.

Step 2: 48 hours after submission of the instruction form, click here to check status.

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The security of your medical information and your satisfaction are of the utmost importance; therefore, your healthcare provider selected RRS Medical to handle the fulfillment and delivery.

RRS Medical is a professional service that specialized in FMLA and Disability form completion. Our expertise benefits you in the following ways:    


• RRS Medical uses technology measures and up-to-date software to keep your information secure

• Our Customer Service Team is available to provide real-time support

• We will deliver your completed forms in the preferred format in 7-10 days

If you received a notification, your forms are available for download. Please follow the retrieval instructions on the email or click this link: https://edelivery.erecordstat.com/getdocument.aspx


If further assistance is required, please contact RRS Medical at poadisability@rrsmedical.com or 609-429-4440 and reference your RRS Medical ID#.

Need more details? Contact us.

If you have any additional medical records needs RRS Medical can provide service for, please contact us.

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