With over 25 years of experience, RRS Medical has become an expert in the Release of Information Process. Using leading technology, performance reporting, and compliant practices, RRS Medical has created a seamless process of Requesting and Releasing Medical Records for practices of every size and specialty.

We continuously focus on perfecting the Release of Information process to support providers and the patients they serve. We begin by hiring and training staff to treat patients and requesters like they are family. Leading technology, compliant practices, and performance reporting, create a seamless process of requesting and releasing medical records.


Our process reduces time spent on medical records and decreases the chance of costly breaches and HIPAA violations, so medical providers can focus on what’s most important: patient care.

Helping to facilitate the secure exchange of medical records is an integral part of a patient’s healthcare journey. Applying the strongest compliance standards designed to ensure that information is handled with the utmost care, requires ongoing industry knowledge, and employing a multitude of stringent steps for every medical record that is touched.

  • Real-Time, Remote Support

  • Receive and Verify Requests

  • Extract Records

  • Review and Audit 100% of Requests

  • Handle Required Billing and Documentation



  • Deliver Records on Paper, CD, and Electronically

  • Access to ROI software: eRecordSTAT

  • Dedicated RRS Medical Phone Number to our Customer Service Center with 97% Live Answer Rate

  • 30-Day Implementation Plan (can be expedited if necessary)

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Patient  Educations &

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"RRS Medical has been an invaluable Partner for over 10 years! We appreciate all their hard work and dedication to make sure our patients are getting the best customer service possible."

— Bill, CEO

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