RRS Request - Providing A Secure and Centralized Request Process

Monday September 16, 2019 - Media, PA

You don't have to choose between speed, security, and ease of use. RRS Request is the solution that supports all three.


Transitioning to a secure and centralized process transforms your workflow while
giving your staff their valuable time back.

Today, Record Reproduction Services (RRS) announces the launch of a better way to process your medical records requests. RRS removes the challenges associated with antiquated manual processes and provides a centralized hub for your PHI requests and fulfillment.  

"RRS Request is just the first step in our transformation of RRS. We support our clients by being hyper-focus on patient service, innovative technology, and continuous security improvement throughout the secure PHI transfer process," said Zachary Perry, CEO of RRS. 


Release of information can be a burdensome task. RRS Request is the gateway to removing that stress from your staff while enhancing the user's experience. Clear instructions guide users through an easy-to-follow workflow. Intuitive design ensures that upon completion, requesters understand their responsibility and how they will receive their information. 


"RRS Request, in conjunction with our CRIS certified staff, ensures that the patient's healthcare journey is always top of mind," said Nick James, COO of RRS. “Combining great technology with top-of-the-line service is how we differentiate ourselves.”


Partnering with RRS means that your service goals are the top priority. We are dedicated to implementing optimal processes and developing technology like RRS Request to support our client’s success. RRS Request centralizes the request process and streamlines PHI transfer for your entire network. 


“The future of RRS is about delivering smart solutions that improve processes, while enhancing the patient experience,” said Perry, “which is directly in line with our foundation of innovation, security, and kindness.”

About RRS: RRS is a suburban Philadelphia based company founded in 1994 to provide outsourced Release of Information services to hospitals and medical groups. The company securely manages requests for medical records on behalf of their customers from third parties who have requested those records. Over the past 23 years, RRS has grown from a locally focused operation to an established, nationwide ROI provider.


To learn more about RRS Request, contact us at info@rrsmedical.com or go to www.rrsmedical.com/RRSRequest

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