Invaluable ROI and Compliance Knowledge to Improve Patient and Provider Satisfaction

Take your ROI, Compliance and PHI education to the next level with our online library of training and educational resources from RRS Medical University. From quick, practical courses, to comprehensive certifications and webinars, learn what you need to know about the most up to date health information standards. Our education training content easily integrates into your busy schedule.

RRS Medical University provides exclusive access to training, educational courses, support and industry updates - designed to help our clients navigate industry regulatory changes.


Take Your Education to The Next Level!

At RRS Medical, 

Our Mission Centers Around Innovation, Security, and Kindness


We aim to educate and inspire you and your patients, helping them learn every step of the way.

RRS Medical has been on a mission to transform the way Medical Facilities and Patients learn, offering online training for the digital age. Everything we teach focuses on keeping the patient at the center of focus; ensuring their quality of care through timely, accuracy, and accessibility to their health care history.

It is not always easy for patients to understand what they are reading when reviewing medical records. RRS Medical University teaches patients the normal components of a medical record and how medical records are put together, as well as understanding all of their rights. This is very important so the patient can ask the right questions to their provider to get the right answers and solutions right away.


Transforming the Way You Learn!

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