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Helping Practices and Hospitals Improve and Better Manage the PHI Transfer Process

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Using leading technology, performance reporting, and compliant practices, RRS Medical has created a seamless process for Requesting and Releasing Medical Records for practices of every size and specialty.

RRS Medical understands the complexities that accompany the need for Disability / FMLA form completion and will guide patients with compassion and understanding. Custom workflows designed with accuracy and time-sensitivity are led by experienced clinical support staff to execute quick turnaround.

RRS Medical works with medical facilities to efficiently file and index incoming documents from outside sources.

RRS Medical provides services that focus on assisting with potentially burdensome requests, while releasing the necessary information and monitoring releases to avoid costly reductions.


Secure PHI Transfer Technology and Solutions Suite of Services



RRS Medical employs a myriad of training and technology measures and software to keep our systems and PHI secure.

  • 24/7 system monitoring

  • Secure data center

  • Restricted IP access

  • Encrypted communication channels

  • Leading anti-virus and spyware protection

  • Real-time backup

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery management

We are first and foremost a customer service organization. Our dedicated customer service team is a group of knowledgeable, and friendly experts that are available Monday – Friday, from 8 a.m. to
6 p.m. EST. With direct call routing capabilities and a 97% Live Answer Rate, our Customer Service Team is always available to provide real-time support at any step of the ROI process.


RRS Medical in-house Compliance Officer is your dedicated liaison for all things HIPAA. Patients, providers, and 3rd party requesters can consult our compliance experts for any questions or concerns about compliance, breaches, HIPAA, and more. Additionally, RRS Medical performs proactive error monitoring, quarterly compliance checks, and promotes organization-wide compliance with ongoing HIPAA training and education for all staff.


RRS Medical believes that consistent customer service and dependable execution cannot exist without transparent processes. Medical practices can depend on RRS Medical to proactively communicate all aspects of our process with 100% transparency. We provide clients with Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) such as call volume and turnaround time reports to proactively identify process issues and improvements while giving providers peace of mind.

"Quick turnaround time, knowledgeable and proactive staff, a pleasure to work with."

— Carol from NJ

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