Giving legal professionals and attorneys prompt and dependable access to medical records, saving your law firm valuable time and money.

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How does RRS Medical help Attorneys?

When dealing with challenging legal cases, attorneys and legal professionals need to provide clients with medical records securely and dependably.

RRS Medical’s unique service strategy for attorneys gives a convenient all in one solution at your fingertips. Our PHI transfer technology and highly educated staff is here to serve your request needs above and beyond expectations.

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Why Does Our Provider

Work With RRS Medical?

Your records and authorization forms are filled with protected health information (PHI). Ensuring that your PHI does not get into the wrong hands is an essential reason your doctor and hospital work with us. Our security standards and well-trained staff work diligently to ensure the most secure workflow.

How Do I Request My Records

There are two ways to request your records:

1.  The fastest and easiest way is through RRS Request. Click the link below and follow the step-by-step process. Have your ID ready, the name and address of your physician, and the location of where the records will be sent. Finally, there may be a charge, so have a method of payment available. 

2.   You can also request your records manually. Download the PDF form below and fill it out completely. Return it to RRS Medical via USPS mail, fax (see mailing address and fax number below), or email at

Address: RRS Medical 600 North Jackson Street Suite 104, Media, PA 19063
Fax: 484.468.1299

How Do I Receive My Records

You can receive your records in the following ways:

1.    Electronically - Our eDelivery process is secure and enables the quickest turnaround time. To learn more, click here. 

2.    Mail – Your records will be sent to the address you provide in the authorization document. There may be an additional cost for postage, based on the size of the record. 

3.    Fax – Records that are 30 pages or less can be sent via fax. Records that exceed this amount will automatically be sent by mail


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Top Quality Patient Services

Patients are treated with the utmost respect and kindness, with RRS Medical focusing on

delivering top quality service and satisfaction.

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Assistance Through Entire Process

Our services team will lead you through each step of the request process to retrieve your medical records with ease. 

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Fast and Efficient Process

At RRS Medical we focus on making the record retrieval process as quick and convenient as possible. 

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Caring Customer Service

At RRS Medical, one of our core values is kindness. We strive to treat each patient with 

the kindness and respect they deserve.

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Highly Trained Staff

We believe in continually educating our staff, so they are always fully knowledgeable when communicating with patients on important health related concerns.

If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to contact the RRS Medical Customer Service line at: 484-468-1299 or email us at 

General Inquiries 

Tel: 484.468.1299
Fax: 484.468.1247

Fill Out General Inquiries Form

Patient Inquiries

Requester Inquiries


600 N. Jackson Street

Suite 104 
Media, Pennsylvania 19063 

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Since 1994 healthcare providers have trusted RRS Medical to protect their patient's health information through secure and compliant solutions for the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Trusting RRS Medical for your Release of Information process ensures that every patient will be treated with kindness throughout every step. Visibility to the process and accurate reporting gives providers the peace of mind that RRS Medical is expertly managing the process while providing the breathing room to accomplish other, equally essential operational tasks.

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