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Secure PHI transfer technology and release of information solutions designed to empower your patient’s healthcare journey

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Whatever your health record journey may be, RRS Medical is here. We simplify the PHI workflow, provide transparency while employing optimal security standards


RRS Medical Is Dedicated To Eliminating Your ROI Challenges and Enhancing PHI Transfer



 As your team juggles a multitude of activities during the day, removing just one without much impact on your budget almost seems too good to be true. RRS Medical and remove the entire ROI stress through our comprehensive, secure PHI transfer technology and solutions. Patient calls will be automatically routed, and easy access to a CRIS certified team and our innovative PHI Transfer technology gives your team the space to work on other patient-facing and revenue-generating activities.



Proper ROI management includes managing a high volume of phone calls, request a review, working with health plans short turnaround times, keeping up with HIPAA regulations, and duplicate requests. RRS Medical elevates all the heavy workload associated with ROI management. Our 20 plus years of experience, requester technology, and ongoing training for staff and our clients create the perfect environment to support you and your requesters.





As your PHI transfer advocate, we work directly with third-party requesters to support your organization and ensure the quick and secure delivery of records. Protecting you from harassing follow-up calls and fielding questions creates a cushion of customer service and supports a partnership environment.





Even in today’s environment, paper fulfillment is still expected by patients and other requesters. The release of information process includes over 40 steps to properly receive, review, and deliver. Securing an experienced partner that is singularly focused on security, expediency, and patient satisfaction removes both the burden of fulfillment as well as the stress related to delivering PHI securely. 

Technology & Solutions

RRS Medical’s Technology and Solutions support all your PHI transfer needs with a team of CRIS Certified team members focused on delivering complete, high-touch service. Driven with innovative PHI transfer technology, our team receives, reviews, and process every request for records with the dignity and efficiency they deserve. We are here to serve you and ensure that every encounter is exceptional. 

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PHI and HIPAA Educational Resources

Your Portal to Valuable ROI and Compliance Knowledge to Improve Patient and Provider Satisfaction

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Gain valuable information related to PHI, including issues, topics, and educational resources for you and your organization. 

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Hear what our clients are saying about RRS Medical

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"Thank you for all your help and the great customer service!!! Best company I have dealt with in a while."


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RRS is

"Your persistence in helping me get my records transferred helped me receive my treatment. I am so grateful to have some relief. "


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"Thank you so much for sending this form, and again, for being so wonderful in helping me. Please also thank your supervisor for me for being so kind and helpful."


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"Thank you so much, your office has been beyond helpful and hands down the most pleasant to work with! Thank you again."



"Please, please let everyone in your company know that you guys are awesome and we appreciate what you do on a daily basis."


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Since 1994 healthcare providers have trusted RRS Medical to protect their patient's health information through secure and compliant solutions for the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Trusting RRS Medical for your Release of Information process ensures that every patient will be treated with kindness throughout every step. Visibility to the process and accurate reporting gives providers the peace of mind that RRS Medical is expertly managing the process while providing the breathing room to accomplish other, equally essential operational tasks.

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